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Tunable 1/4-wave FM Broadcast Transmitter Antenna
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Tunable 1/4-wave FM Broadcast Transmitter Antenna

Tunable Quarter Wave FM Broadcast Transmitter Antenna

  • You can easily tune this FM transmitter antenna in less than a minute and tune the FM broadcast antenna across the FM broadcast band as many times as you want as your FM frequency needs change. Does your FM transmitter only have one frequency? If so, opt for the non-tunable FM 1/4 wave Broadcast Antenna and save a little money. However, if your FM transmitter covers more than 3 MHz the tunable FM 1/4 wave antenna is for you.
  • This FM transmitter antenna will outlast your FM transmitter; it is built to withstand any weather and even direct blows.
  • You've seen this design a thousand times in antennas; that is because it is tried and true and used by millions of communications professionals around the world.
  • You will get the same range as any other FM transmission antenna in typical urban settings including FM transmitter antennas that make wild claims and cost far more. You'll get longer range usually because this FM transmitter 1/4 wave ground plane antenna can be mounted higher and in the clear with far less expense.
  • You'll be pleased with how much this 1/4 wave FM broadcast antenna blends in your surroundings.
  • This is our favorite FM broadcast transmitter antenna because of its range, usability, and sturdy construction plus it is easy to setup and use.
  • Whether your FM transmitter is very low power or high power up to 150 watts LPFM, this FM broadcast antenna will work exactly as designed to give you the longest range and strongest signal.
  • Your FM transmitter will work at its peak with this FM broadcast antenna regardless of whether it is a hobby FM transmitter such as a Ramsey or very expensive professional LPFM transmitter.
  • Works great in any FM mode: Stereo, mono, DAB, digital, SCA, or whatever your FM transmission mode may be.
  • You will be very glad you chose this FM transmitter antenna! Check the feedback: hundreds of users all over the world are transmitting with one right now!
  • You will get your FM broadcast antenna quick as shipping is virtually instant and free via USPS Priority Mail; elsewhere only pays discounted shipping charges via Air Mail.
  • This 1/4 wave FM transmitter antenna is manufactured in the USA!

Quality FM Transmitter Antenna

This is a professionally manufactured frequency-agile 1/4 wave FM broadcast antenna. It is manufactured with high quality components built to specifications required by FM broadcasters. The FM transmitter antenna is manufactured to operate from 88-108 MHz which is the domestic FM broadcast band. It is field-tunable across the entire FM broadcast band which allows the versatility of changing FM broadcast frequencies as your needs change. To tune the FM transmitter antenna just loosen one screw and follow the tuning chart included with your order.

Flexible FM Broadcast Antenna

The tunable 1/4 wave FM transmitter antenna can be used fixed-station or semi-portable, meaning that it is very light. The groundplane elements can be removed in mere moments by loosening 2 bolts and the radiator can be unscrewed if necessary. This FM transmitter antenna is built to give the longest range possible when installed correctly. The four ground plane elements have protective tips which allow it to be used inside if desired. No detail has been left off this outstanding FM ground plane antenna.

Low Profile FM Ground Plane Antenna

The 1/4 wave FM transmitter antenna is extremely low profile as the pictures show so it blends in nicely in its surroundings. The elements are at a 45 degree angle which allows maximum range for the FM ground plane antenna while maintaining a small footprint making this the most powerful FM transmitter antenna available at this scale. The sheer size of other types of FM transmitter antennas don't allow them to be moved and any smaller FM transmission antenna will not have the ability to get the signal out.

FM Broadcast Antenna Installation

The tunable 1/4 wave FM ground plane antenna can be easily mounted on an antenna mast, pipe, PVC pole, light stand, microphone stand, windsock pole, or just about any pole or mast you can provide up to 1.5" in diameter. It can be mounted to a horizontal crossbar or railing or to a vertical pole with the included hardware, you just need to turn one mounting plate. Height is the key; mount the FM broadcast ground plane antenna as high as is possible for maximum range. A good shielded 50 ohm cable no less than RG8 is recommended for ultimate range with the coax no longer than is absolutely necessary.
FM Frequency Range: 87-108 MHz
Polarization: Vertical
Connector: Standard UHF S0-239
Impedance: 50 ohms at connector
Bandwidth: tunable 88-108 MHz
Maximum power: 150 watts
Weight: 1 pound
Height: 60" total
Footprint: 33"

This antenna is the easiest FM transmitter antenna you can get. It is tunable across the FM band and easy to re-tune if you need to change frequencies; it is easy to get low SWR.It is light yet very durable. If you need an FM antenna you will be very pleased with this antenna.

From the UK: "...noticed a sizable gain in signal over the homebrew. Impressive for a 1/4 wave. No expense spared! Again tnx for a great product that does what it says on the tin!IT WORKS.

"Just thought I'd let you know I got the antenna this morning. We went to Radio Shack and got the adapter we needed for an F connector and had the antenna up and running in time forour live nativity tonight. Everyone thought it was great that they could listen to our choir singing Christmaswhile theydrove through the nativity. Pastor Donald and all of us at the church want to thank you for getting the antenna to us overnight."

"Nice product! Fast shipping!"

"great deal respectable seller, always ready to help... quick transaction thanks"

"Great deal!

"Outstanding service. Superfast delivery and the product is well made"

"Very good service. Thanks so much!"

"Great product. Very helpful and very fast shipping."

"good shipping, just as ordered..A+"

"Great product and service. Ordered one day, received it the next."

From Sweden: "I got the antenna today. Nice job! very simple design and rigid. I Like!'s rock solid."

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