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FM Indoor or Portable Dipole Stereo HD Antenna
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FM Indoor or Portable Dipole Stereo HD Antenna

FM Indoor/Portable Dipole Stereo/HD Antenna

  • This simple design will give you excellent FM reception affordably. It performs better than indoor FM antennas costing far more.
  • This indoor FM dipole antenna is extremely easy to mount for best reception. If the instructions are followed you will get simply amazing FM reception.
  • It is the best value and is as good as almost any indoor FM antenna available anywhere at any price. It is packaged to be turnkey, providing everything you need for best indoor or portable FM reception including coax and the connector for your FM receiver.
  • To unleash the true reception power of this antenna mount it vertically as high as you can get it in your home on an outer wall or window.
  • It is fully omni-directional when mounted vertical and it has directional characteristics towards the flat side when mounted as rabbit ears or horizontal which helps handle multi-path and other issues that are characteristic of FM broadcast band reception.
  • You'll like the simple, hide-able design of the indoor dipole FM antenna. Though simple, it works in the way other simple antennas only promise because you can tune it right to the station you are trying to receive.
  • This antenna comes with a 75ohm F connector that is standard on most modern FM tuners or FM receivers but you may choose another connector if needed including hard-to-find connectors at no additional cost.
  • Works great in any FM mode: HD, Stereo, mono, DAB, digital, SCA, or whatever your FM reception mode may be.
  • You will be very glad you chose this FM antenna!
  • You will get your FM antenna quick as shipping is virtually instant and free via USPS Priority Mail; elsewhere only pays actual shipping charges via Air Mail.
  • This FM antenna is manufactured in the USA!

Manufactured for FM Reception

This is a brand new, unused professionally manufactured 1/2 wave dipole FM antenna with tunable rods that allow this indoor FM antenna to be used where outside FM antennas are not allowed or are inconvenient. This indoor FM antenna will provide as strong FM radio reception as almost any indoor FM antenna on the FM band. This indoor FM antenna was produced for the FM band. A length chart is provided so you can measure, with your tape measure or yard stick, the exact length each rod needs to be for a particular FM frequency.

Using this Indoor FM Antenna

This indoor FM antenna is directional when used in the V configuration so use that to your advantage for your target FM station or orient it for best FM reception for the majority of your target FM broadcast stations. The rods are adjustable so you can adjust it exactly to the FM frequency of your goal FM broadcast station. Place the indoor FM antenna as high as possible for best FM signal reception. Generally, the common orientation for the radials in a V shape at 90 degrees with the flat side towards your FM station target but using it vertically unlocks the true potential of this amazing performer and makes it non-directional; use the full vertical position if you can for the best FM reception results.

Indoor or Portable FM Antenna

This indoor FM antenna can be used near the stereo or it comes with a total of 9’ of cable so you can put it near a window for best FM reception. You can use it in a portable setting or even mount it in the attic as it will out-perform any other omnidirectional FM antenna you can place in the attic. The only limitation would be that it should not permanently be set up outside, but it wouldn't hurt it to use it outside on the patio or take to a park in any weather just don't leave it outside permanently unless covered such as on a balcony or covered patio.

FM Antenna Coax

The cable that runs from the indoor FM antenna to your radio is 75 ohm coaxial. The dipole FM antenna has 3 feet of permanent coax and comes with six feet of additional coax and a coupler for a total of 9'. You may change the 6' extension cable below to a longer option if you need extra coax to reach the best place for FM reception. You want to get the indoor FM antenna to an outside window or wall as high as you can get it.

Note About this Indoor FM Antenna

While this indoor FM antenna is made for FM and the functionality is amazing, the radials are constructed of telescopic rods that are made of chrome-plated brass. They can break so you need to be careful with them. Obviously, this is not a particularly positive thing to point out about the indoor FM dipole antenna but you need to know you are not getting an unbreakable antenna by any means, in fact, unlike most of our FM antennas we sell, it will break if mis-handled. Also, metal is a signal blocker to any antenna, so if you have a metal roof or radiant barrier, or metal siding on your home you should choose an outdoor FM antenna to get above the metal for improved FM broadcast reception.


The indoor FM antenna has a screw-on F connector installed. If your receiver has another connector, we include an adapter for free if you add it below at the time of purchase. Just choose the connector you want below. The beauty of using an adapter is if you change FM radios you merely have to replace the adapter rather than get a new FM antenna or solder on a new connector. For most people, if your FM radio has a threaded jack or receptacle it requires the default screw-on F which is the same used in North America for TV, cable, and satellite; if it has a smooth, non-threaded jack it requires a PAL female, and if it has 2 screws or 2 spring clips you require the 300 ohm twin lug. For FM stereos or FM tuners older than 25 years old there are a few exceptions but they are very rare. If you have a small portable FM receiver with a headphone type jack you need the 3.5mm plug. For visual help with connectors, go to the FM Antenna Connector Guide.

Frequency Range: 88-108 MHz
Polarization: Vertical, Horizontal, or circular
Attached cable length: 9 feet
Connector: Male F (standard) or choose below
Weight: 4 ozs
Height: 32" maximum per radial

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Price: $17.99
24.05 CAD 17.01 EUR 24.95 AUD
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