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Deep Fringe Weather Radio 6.3 db Gain Yagi Antenna
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Deep Fringe Weather Radio 6.3 db Gain Yagi Antenna

Deep Fringe Weather Radio 6.3 db Gain Yagi Antenna

  • This directional FM Yagi weather band radio antenna will provide you with clear, solid weather radio reception even in difficult locations.
  • This weather radio antenna is made for NOAA weather radio and EAS reception from 162.4 MHz thru 162.55 MHz. It includes all you need to improve your weather radio reception.
  • It is better than any weather radio antenna available anywhere at any price because it offers 6.3 db gain. It is packaged to be turnkey, providing everything you need for best outdoor or attic-mount NWS broadcast reception with coax and weather radio connector INCLUDED.
  • To unleash the true reception power of this weather band antenna mount it vertically as high as you can.
  • You can place your weather band radio anywhere you like because the weather radio antenna comes with 25 feet of coax plus other lengths are available.
  • It is a directional weather band antenna and the multiple elements increase the strength of the weather radio signal available at your location.
  • As it is directional, you'll point it at your local NOAA Weather Radio Service broadcast transmitter.
  • Included with the NOAA weather radio antenna is the weather radio connector you need to plug into the weather radio antenna jack on your weather radio. Go to the Weather Radio Antenna Connector Guide if you need help choosing.
  • You will be very glad you chose this National Weather Service radio reception antenna; if you can't get a signal with this antenna, then the signal isn't available at your location!
  • You will get your weather radio antenna quick as shipping is virtually instant and free in the US via USPS Priority Mail; elsewhere only pays actual shipping charges via Air Mail.
  • This weather/EAS radio antenna is manufactured in the USA!

Weather Radio Antenna Placement

As this is a directional weather radio antenna, you will need to know the direction of the National Weather Service radio transmitter. To determine the direction of the transmitter, go to the following NOAA Weather Radio Coverage Maps for assistance. Click on your state, then County Coverage Listing above the state map, find your county in the list and click on the call sign for your county. When the next page loads, find the new map. In the middle of the white area on the new map will be the location of the transmitter. Determine the relative direction from your location with this map. You can now determine the best location for your weather radio and weather radio antenna and which way to point it.

Mounting Weather Band Radio Antennas

The outdoor weather radio antenna weighs less than a pound so you can use just about any pole or mast you choose to mount it up to 1.5" diameter. You want to get the weather radio antenna as high as possible for best weather radio reception. Though mounting it outside above the roofline is optimal many have had great success using this weather band antenna in the attic. When mounting in the attic, try to get it as high as possible and to the side of the attic towards the NWS transmitter. Metal will block signals to any antenna so if your roof is made of metal or you have radiant barrier you will need to get the weather radio antenna outside above the roof for it to work properly. As this weather radio antenna is directional you will need to point it at the National Weather Service transmitter.

Weather Band Antennas in Use

At your location, the farther away from the side of the structure towards the weather radio transmitter you are, the higher the weather radio antenna will need to be for proper reception. NOAA National Weather Service broadcasts are vertical so your NOAA weather radio antenna should be mounted vertical or as close as you can get it to the vertical plane. Height is critical so always try to get it as high as you can.

Weather Radio Antenna Locations

This deep fringe outdoor weather radio antenna can be used near the weather band radio or it comes with a total of 25’ of cable so you can get it to the point of best reception. You can use it in a portable setting or even mount it in the attic. This VHF weather radio antenna will withstand any weather conditions and is manufactured to last for years.

NOAA Weather Radio Antenna Coax

The cable that runs from the weather radio antenna to your weather radio is 75 ohm coaxial. 25 feet of cable is included with your weather radio antenna. If you need additional coax you can add it to your order below and we do not charge shipping on the coax when purchased with a weather radio antenna.

Weather Radio Antenna Connectors

Choose the weather radio antenna connector you want below. The beauty of using an antenna adapter is if you change weather radios you merely have to replace the adapter rather than get a new weather radio antenna or solder on a new connector. All Midland weather radios and most Radio Shack units have RCA weather radio antenna jacks. If your weather radio antenna jack is smooth it is an RCA antenna connector (also known as phono) jack, if it has two points on the side it is a BNC antenna connector and if it is threaded and is identical to a TV antenna connector it is an F antenna connector. For visual help with weather radio connectors and adapters, go to the Weather Radio Connector and Adapter Guide.
Frequency Range: 162.4-162.55 MHz
Polarization: Vertical
Gain: 6.3 dbi
Front/Back Ratio: 13.6 dB
Beamwidth: 137 degrees
Included cable length: 25 feet
Connector: RCA, BNC, or F
Weight: 14 ozs
Height: 41.5"
Length: 24"
weather radio antenna
outdoor weather radio antenna weather band radio antenna external weather radio antennaexternal weather radio antennaexternal weather radio antenna
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Price: $59.99
80.14 CAD 56.32 EUR 83.15 AUD
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